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MM Parquet & Carpentry Ltd first started off as a carpentry business over 25 years ago. It was first started by Michael Manning and after he learnt his trade he decided to branch it out into parquet flooring and plank flooring.

The first type of flooring he decided to start doing was Reclaimed parquet flooring and from this he fitted for many architectural companies around Ireland, while also still carrying on 1st and 2nd fix carpentry services.

He worked for many construction companies around Ireland like John Paul Construction, Hegarty's Construction and Soarse Development all around the Munster and Leinster areas.

He also spent time in London fitting parquet.

After providing carpentry services for many years he decided to start fitting new styles and types of parquet flooring which he could start to expand into his new company which started in 2006 as MM Parquet Flooring.

When this company started its main drive was to bring some more variety of parquet flooring to Ireland as back before 2006 there was very little parquet in the country there seemed to be a gap in the market as plank flooring was the popular choice at the time.

Shortly after setting up MM Parquet things started to gain pace.

As he wanted to keep expanding, he then decided to contact some manufactures in Europe to see where he could source his products and could find a reliable manufacturer with good quality products he could work with and give his clients a top class product and service.

He had traveled to the Ukraine, Croatia and Poland and got to see first hand how they process and manufacture their timber.

From where the trees are cut down and re-planted , to the trees being brought to be kiln dried.

He now has many suppliers over Europe and deals only with the best manufacturers, that have wide varieties of timber, which means MM Parquet can give its customers a huge range of timber and styles.

He has built up a company with a wealth of experience and can offer his clients a wide range of styles and patterns of parquet flooring.

Not forgetting Plank flooring which he has a wide range of with different types of wood to choose from.

While keeping the service very personal and direct he can give you the range and experience you will require when decorating your home or even renovating your business premises . All your requirement needs under one name.

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